OHAUS Portable Balances

Scout STX & SKX

Hands Down the Industries Best Portable Balance

  • New Design in 2016
  • Up to 0.001mg Readability
  • Up to 6kg Capacity
  • Mechanical and Software overlaad protection
  • Full-Color Touchscreen Options
  • Draftshield Option
  • USB and RS232 Connectivity
  • Sealed Front Panel and Molded Spill Ring
  • Stability Indicator
  • Calibration Mass Included on 200g, 400g & 600g models
  • Perfect for Student Use

Thirty five years ago, OHAUS created the portable electronic balance market with the introduction of the Port-O-Gram™ balance. In 1996, we pushed the boundaries of portable weighing further with the introduction of the first Scout series of portable balances. Reliable, durable and precise — the Scout has solidified its position as a market leader and customer favorite over the past two decades. The OHAUS Scout’s flexibility to serve different markets and handle multiple applications makes it the popular choice of balance, from industrial to academic use.