Ohaus Balances & Scales

Ohaus Analytical balance

Analytical Balances

All analytical Ohaus balances are now available and mostly in stock including the new Explorer series. A precision of three decimal places or greater with a removable draft shield make Analytical balances perfect for highly sensitive applications where drafts may occur. Gerard Scientific can also install and calibrate your balance at time of purchase using polished stainless stell calibration masses. We can also help with ongoing calibrations and support.

Ohaus Precision balance

Precision Balances

Precison balances are used in applications requiring up to 3 decimal place accuracy and larger load capacities. Increased weighing pan surface areas allow the weighing of larger objects with minimal corner loading of the pan and therefore less error with objects of large volumes.

Ohaus Defender Balance

Industrial Balances

Industrial balances cater for even larger objects again with even higher capacities in the order of 10's to 100's of Kilgrams. Suitable for weighing large objects with platform sizes from 300mm squared and upwards. Resolutions vary from 2grams up to 50grams depending on the maximum weighing capacity. Please contact us for more information or visit the Ohaus website.

Ohaus Moisture balance

Moisture Balances

Moisture balances can be of advantage in situations where the moisture content of small individual samples needs to be determined quickly. Capacities of 35g x 0.002grams and 110g x 0.005grams are available. An integral halogen lamp rapidly dries samples usually taking around 1-2 minutes depending on the size and moisture content. The balance weighs your sample, starts the drying process and automatically calculates a % moisture content based on the difference between initial and the post drying weight.