OHAUS Centrifuges

Frontier 5515 & 5515R Microliter

  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel that Supports Simple Operation, with rotary knob puts the centrifuge's simple operations at your fingertips,
    including the ability to set and recall speed and g-force, as well as control the temperature (FC5515R only).
  • Sophisticated Technology that Drives High-Performance, a powerful brushless induction motor, 10 acceleration and deceleration settings,
    and memory for up to 99
  • Several Safety Features that Protect Angainst Injury.
  • Seven Rotor Sizes that Provide Flexibility for Varied Centrifugation Needs.

Frontier 5706 Multi-Function

  • With and eash to turn control knob, a large LCD display and capabilities to se and view speed in both rpm and g-force, enjoy precise results and enhanced functionality with extremely simple operation.
  • Fontier 5706 can accommodate standard tube sizes from 1.5ml to 50ml and can hold six 50ml tubes or 12/15ml tubes furing one process, providing centrifugation for a wide variety of applications.
  • Fontier 5706 has a lid locking system and sensor that stops the centrifuge if the rotors become imbalanced, protecting the operator from being injured by the spinning rotors.

Frontier 5306 Mini Centiruges

  • With a low voltage power input, quiet brushless motor and a rubber base that absorbs vibrations, Frontier 5306 minimises operational noise
    and reduces disruptions in the laboratory
  • Frontier 5306 is disigned with operator safety in mind, and includes a rotor imbalance sensor and two safety switches which immediately stop
    the rotors should the lid open during use.
  • Frontier 5306 takes simple one-step operation to a new level. Simply place your sample in the centrifuge, close the lid, and it will begin to
    rotate without the press of a button