OHAUS High-Speed Mini Centrifuge

Frontier 5306

Powerful and Conventient Mini Centrifuge for Simple and Quick Life-Science Separation Applications

  • With a low voltage power input, quiet brushless motor and a rubber base that absorbs vibrations, Frintier 5306 minimises operational noise and reduces disruptions in the laboratory
  • Frontier 5306 is disigned with operator safety in mind, and includes a rotor imbalance sensor and two safety switches which immediately stop the rotors should the lid open during use.
  • Frontier 5306 takes simple one-step operation to a new level. Simply place your sample in the centrifuge, close the lid, and it will begin to rotate without the press of a button


Speed Range


Max Capacity


0 rpm - 6,000 rpm

2,000 g

8 x 1.5 / 2.0ml


Item No.

Rotor, 1.5/2.0ml x 8

Rotor, 0.2ml PCR 8x4