Benchtop Meters

Ohaus offers a range of pH and Conductivity benchtop meters which includes High Performance for universal applications, Standard Laboratory & Economy versions for basic measurement tasks. Including full graphical LCD displays and options such as backlighting, RS-232 or USB communication, and touchscreen displays.

Portable Meters

The Ohaus portable range of meters are available for Dissolved Oxygen (DO), pH and Conductivity. DO meters are available with the standard galvanic probe or the maintenance free infra red (IR) probe technology. Ohaus also offers a wide range of pH and Conductivity electrodes for aqueous, muddy, food, beverage & wine samples etc.

Pen Meters

Ohaus pen meters provide accurate measurement of pH, Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP), Conductivity, Salinity and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Simple operation in a portable design, durable ABS construction to withstand wear and tear, protective cap and IP67 waterproof design.

Ohaus Moisture balance


Ohaus electrodes are sturdy and durable constructed of either plastic or glass shafts and built to withstand daily use. All electrodes include a temperature sensor, which powers automatic temperature compensation and ensures accurate measurements. Any Ohaus electrode will fit perfectly in the electrode holders on Ohaus bench meters and electrode clips on all Ohaus portable meters.

Ohaus Buffer

Solutiuons & Buffers

Ohaus pH / Conductivity buffers, storage solution and electrode reference filling solution are factory packaged and certified. Supplied with a temperature compensation table for validation and accuracy over a range of calibration temperatures.