OHAUS Portable Dissolved Oxygen DO Meter

Starter 300D

Convenient Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter for Wherever Your Work Takes You

  • Each time the meter is calibrated, icons appear on the display to confirm the accuracy of the calibration process so you can ensure accurate measurement
  • Push-button toggling between ppm, mg/L and percentage
  • The galvanic electrode can be used immediately after being powered on without the wait time typically associated with dissolved oxygen meters




300D Meter (with IP54 Sets, Electrode Clip, Wrist Strap and 4 AAA Batteries)


ST300D-B with STDO11 Galvanic DO Electrode, and STTEMP30 Temperature Electrode


ST300D-B with STDO11 Galvanic DO Probe, STTEMP30 Temperature Probe, Portable Bag