OHAUS Starter Pen Meters

pH Pen Meters - ST20 & ST10

  • Two models with varying resolution and accuracy, ST10 and ST20 offer a convenient way to measure pH, or the relative acidity / alkalinity of a sample at a given temperature. The pH pen meters can be completely operated with just one free hand, freeing up your other hand to handle samples.

Conductivity Pen Meters - Small but Productive Conductivity Meters

  • Starter pen meters are the choice for basic testing needs of the total ionic concentration whithin a solution. With six models that can measure within three different conductivity ranges, there is a Starter conductivity meter for every application that requries portable operation and quick results.

DO Pen Meters - ST20D

  • The perfect DO meter for every application that requires portable operation and quick results. With IP 67 waterproof design and automatic shutdown feature that preserves battery life, the Starter DO Meters can endure consistent use in rugged environments.

ORP Pen Meters - ST20R & ST10R

  • ST10R and ST20R can bring measurement of ORP to virtually anywhere your need for the measurement of the avialability of electrons in a liquid lies. Both models provide almost instantaneous results and the ST20R offers the ability to freeze the reading right on the disply to provide additonal time for data logging.

TDS Pen Meters - ST20T-B, ST20T-A, ST10T-B & ST10T-A

  • When you need reliable and accurate measurement of TDS, the Starter pen meters offer a great value in a portable and compact design. Bring the Starter TDS meter wherever your need to measure the combined content of all orgainic and inorganic substances in a liquid takes you.

Salinity Pen Meters - ST20S & ST10S

  • Starter pen meters combine all of the most useful features for measuring salinity, or the dissolved salt content in a liquid medium. With the combination of quality construction and sturdy design, starter pen meters will provide durable operation in even tougher environments.