Zeiss Microscopes


Primo Star - Biological Microscope

Legendary Carl Zeiss optics are now within the reach of routine & educational microscope users. Primo Star is available in ten different variants. The right version for every set of requirements. This microscope – together with its many practical accessories – can be used for education, in the laboratory, veterinary clinics, doctors’ practice and in the field. Genuine Zeiss!


Axio Lab.A1 - Biological Microscope

Ergonomic. Easy-to-Use. Durable. Developed for bio-medical laboratories, universities and daily laboratory applications: Axio Lab.A1 is unmatched when it comes to performance and optics. Highly ergonomic, easy to operate and brilliant image quality. All applications in bright field, dark field, phase contrast or Fluorescence can be performed readily – with the full range of ZEISS IC2S objectives.