Balance Calibrations

Calibration Weights

Our set of polished stainless steel, E2 class calibration masses are of the highest tolerance available, suitable for calibrating high resolution Precision and Analytical Balances.

What can we calibrate?

We can calibrate almost all laboratory precision and analytical balances with weighing capacities up to 500grams and 5 decimal places. A two point calibration is carried out as per normal operating instructions followed by an 8-point span check of the entire weighing range from 1g up to the maximum capacity of the balance. This verifies the standard deviation of values, especially those midway between calibration points, so you know your balance is linear across the entire range.

Balance issues:

Advice can be given in regards to balance temperature compensation, and why high precision balances need to be re-calibrated when temperature drifts more than a few degrees. Another topic is the need for re-calibration when balances are shifted from one place to another. Other balances tend to randomly drift and not stabilize. The answers to these questions and other issues can be provided during your calibration.