Centrifuge Repair & Preventative Maintenance

Centrifuge preventative maintenance and repairs on all brands. Spare parts available. Includes micro-centrifuges right up to high speed Ultra's (refrigerated and non-refrigerated). In house designed electronics have just been developed for calibrating or verifying the angular velocity of your rotor whilst spinning, for values ranging from 1,000 - 48,000 RPM. Lids without rotor viewing access can also be measured using our proprietry Infrared LED detector circuitry, designed especially for sealed centrifuges.

Servicing covers:

  • Motor brush inspection
  • Bowl Seal greasing
  • Rotor O-Ring greasing
  • Calibrate RPM
  • Check / correct imbalance detection safety cut-out
  • Grease rotors / seals to ensure correct and safe operation.
  • Functional Checks
  • Lid safety lock inspection / adjustment
  • Safety inspection of rotors, buckets & inserts
  • Oil hinges
  • Temperature setpoint check

While on-site we are able to provide advice on centrifuge related self maintenance and care to ensure the longevity of your investment. Some issues are worn or splitting O-Rings & lid seals, corroded rotors/buckets/inserts, spindle & rotor greasing, rotor loading / imbalance issues.