Microscope Service & Repair

We perform periodic servicing and inspection of Biological, Inverted and Stereo microscopes including those with phase contrast and fluorescence capability. We've undergone official Olympus training at the Australian head office providing all the necessary knowledge and materials to perform periodic maintenance to manufacturer specifications.

Microscope Service Includes:

  • Front & rear Eyepiece clean & dust
  • Front & rear Objective clean & dust
  • Clean & dust of internal Binocular Head Lenses
  • Phase contrast allignment (& training if required)
  • Stage cleaning
  • Removal of glass from stage tracks / guides
  • Clean & dust light source / filters.
  • Light intensity potentiometer cleaning / revival (for intermittant light issues)
  • IPD rail cleaning & re-grease (so eyepiece adjustment is smooth and effortless)
  • Stage height rail cleaning & re-grease (if required for less effort to perform stage height adjustments)
  • Fine focus mechanism cleaning & re-grease (if required for less effort to perform focus adjustments)
  • Stage rail cleaning & re-grease (for stiff, gritty or slipping stages)
  • Re-tensioning of stage height adjustment mechanism (to fix falling stages that loose focus)
  • Approximately 2 Hours

A Full Microscope Service such as this is usually not offered by manufacturers or included in a normal local service.